Solaris Men

Solaris Men

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Includes shorts with Misfitz logo, arm bands, leg bands, waist band, neck piece and head band. All packages include costume, food & drinks, drinks bottle, wristband gift bag, live artists & DJ's and party gifts.

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The Celestial Goddess of Fire

Solaris, the Celestial Goddess of Fire and the Guardian of Life, is one of the first entities spoken into existence, for she is tasked with nurturing Life in the Universe. Granted omnipotent power from the creator, her essence forms the foundation of every living organism throughout all realms, her Power, Passion and Beauty far exceeds all limits of human comprehension; and is both feared and envied by all deities and universal forces; even the Phoenix cowers in her presence. Her life-force emanates light and warmth throughout the Galaxy, shinning without remorse, sparking the darkness with all manner of alchemical stirrings.

Her Celestial Rays of Yellow combined with her Raging Energy of Red symbolizes Life, Cheerfulness, Honour, Flamboyance, Intelligence, Optimism, Confidence and Uninhibited Rejuvenation, that is only rivaled by her Aggressively Proud and Resolute adjudicating nature.

She is Life within existence….and what is given can just as easily be taken away.

Solaris …….The Celestial Goddess of Fire