Nova Frontline

Nova Frontline

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Includes body wear (wire bra and decorated panty) tiara, belly band, leg band, neck with attached arms and large feather backpack. All packages include costume, food & drinks, drinks bottle, wristband gift bag, live artists & DJ's and party gifts.

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Nova, the Celestial Star of Creation and the Monarch of Existence, is the mother of all Celestials and the origin of time, the universe and all its realms. In the beginning the Creator decreed that there will be light, that light was formed from a brilliant burst of energy that manifested life throughout the vast regions of reality - for she is the origin of stars. 
Make no mistake she is not just simply the first, she is the original Celestial. 
She is the song the sun hums as she dances with her brilliant flames… 
She is composer that directs the symphony that is reality’s song… 
She is the inspiration behind the portrait that is Beauty’s masks; 
Her ambient chi of teal and gold – 
IS illumination! 
IS power! 
IS emotion! 
IS beauty! 
IS supernatural! 
IS creation!

She is Nova - The Celestial Star of Creation and the Monarch of Existence. 
There is no abstract, there is only - her.