Galactic Rose Midline

Galactic Rose Midline

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Includes monokini with feather arm attached, leg piece, necklace and large headpiece. All packages include costume, food & drinks, drinks bottle, wristband gift bag, live artists & DJ's and party gifts.

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Galactic Rose

The Celestial Entity of Love

In the realm of the Celestials lies entities that embody purpose and those that embody essence. Much like Nebula, the Celestial Rose is one of the Celestial Entities that was spoken into existence as an essences to support the hierarchy in their divine duty to maintain the structure of the Universe and its realms. Her purpose is create Love within any life form void of its force, and to be the cosmic energy that both Aphrodite and Venus draw their life force from. In our realm, Alchemies have long been fascinated with her purpose, so much so that they marvel and ponder the appearance of her physical counterpart, the common rose. This meagre manifestation of this Celestial has long been believed to have mythical importance.

Her mysterious ways have crippled armies and caused worlds collide and even made God’s become both simultaneous adoring and envious of their creations. Her Celestial aura of Rose Gold and Maroon symbolizes admiration, joy, sweetness, innocence, gratitude , appreciation, elegance and grace – But over indulge in her essence and she render the most powerful of life forms and even deities utterly insane.

Galactic Rose… The Celestial Entity of Love