Photo Credits


Sheroma “Brass.Angel” Hodge-Philip (Frontline)

Art “Drastic” Philip (Men)

Rukia Dyer (Backline)


Justin “Jus Bus” Nation

Makeup Artist:

The Brass.Angel (Frontline)

Plush Hair and Makeup (Backline)

NEBULA: The Celestial Mist

Within the Universe and its various realms exists the Celestial entity responsible for the various incarnations of Life's atmosphere - the orchestrator of chi and the manipulator of the aura that surrounds all life forms everywhere. She is the Guardian of the abyss and enigma that is nowhere, and is the core answer to all questions of existence. Conceived as cosmic dust with the ability to manifest herself as a cloud of interstellar gas, she is the base matter that forms the hue that Solaris uses as a prism to give life it's spectrum. Without her touch reality would be a baron wasteland of colourless oasis and dreams, bent upon itself in a shameful symphony of echos desperately seeking embodiment.

Engulfed in an aura of Dark Blue Nebula is the essence of Trust, Loyalty, Sincerity, Wisdom, Stability and Faith, but defy this Celestial and her mist will transform and render any life form powerless with the feelings of melancholy, negativity, sadness, self-righteousness, and self-centeredness.

Hence…..she is the weight that is used to balance life’s scale of perception.

Nebula….the Celestial Mist.